Challenge your thinking….

We believe to be successful people need to continually challenge their thinking, create new possibilities and strive to be who they really want to be. Do you want to do things differently from your competitors? Do you want to have committed employees?  Is it time to change the game?

At HR Inside, we bring our experience and together with our clients we create innovative learning programs, human resource strategies and ios and android apps to develop the strengths people bring to their organisations. We aim to help people think differently and create new possibilities.

Our strategies and programs aim to inspire and engage people to make real and sustainable change.

We are specialist corporate coaches.  Our aim is the help people gain insight into their thinking about challenges or opportunities with the view of taking targeted action to achieve their goals.  Our coaching practise is grounded in neuroscience and is about achieving real behavioural change.

One of our successful products is our new on-line emotional intelligence course. This e-course allows you to understand the different skills that make up.  Emotional Intelligence and, following feedback from yourself and others around you, develop these specific EI skills at your own pace to help you drive your own success. HR Inside offer this as a blended program with on-line learning, experiential workshops and coaching. Please follow this link to learn more.

In 2012 Sara Price created Positive Penguins is an award winning, top ranked, fun educational app developed for children to help them understand why they feel the way they do and help them challenge their negative thinking. The app aims to help children understand their feelings come from their own thoughts not the situations.  Often the anxiety and stress we feel comes from not real threats, but stories we make up in our heads.  The four positive penguins take you on a journey to help you understand that feelings arise from your thinking and if you challenge your negative thoughts successfully you may be able to see things in a more realistic and even optimistic way.