Human Resources Consulting

If you don’t need a full time HR employee, HR Inside will provide professional HR Consultants on a regular or as-needed basis. We can work on or off site (or a combination of both), to best meet your needs. The outcome is an on-going relationship with a person who fully understands your business, your people and their issues. Our consultants work together as a team to produce best practice HR procedures and documentation.


Learning Programs

We run many customised leadership programs. Our programs are designed to enable participants to inspire and engage their team, build on the many strengths individuals bring the organisation and challenge their thinking. We run programs based on leadership, emotional intelligence, mindful focus, crucial conversations, performance management and engagement.


Emotional Intelligence Development

As well as running EI courses for companies we have also developed our own on-line emotional intelligence course. This e-course allows you to understand the different skills that make up Emotional Intelligence and, following feedback from yourself and others around you, develop these specific EI skills at your own pace to help you drive your own success.

Developing EI skills is about behavioural change which takes time. This program will equip you with the tools to make small but meaningful behavioural changes throughout the 10 week duration of the ei experience.


Engagement and Commitment Surveys

We have designed and developed customised engagement and commitment surveys for numerous clients from simple pulse surveys to large customer surveys. We are also accredited in the Genos engagement surveys – you can find out more about that survey by visiting the Genos site:


Our Apps

We have created fun apps to help children challenge their thinking and be more resilient. We are also working on adult education apps. You can see all our apps on